IRS Updates Health Savings Account Limits for 2016

The IRS has updated the Health Savings Account (HSA) limits for 2016:

  • The annual limit on HSA contributions for individuals with self only coverage under a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) is $3,350 (unchanged from 2015). For an individual with family coverage, the limit is $6,750 (up from $6,650 in 2015).
  • The minimum annual deductible for a HDHP is $1,300 for self only coverage and $2,600 for family coverage (both unchanged from 2015).
  • The annual out of pocket maximum for an HDHP is $6,550 for self-only coverage (up from $6,450 in 2015) and $13,100 for family coverage(up from $12,900 in 2015)

icon Rev Proc 2015-30

Author: Erwin Kratz

Erwin Kratz practices exclusively in the areas of ERISA and employee benefits law, focusing on tax and regulatory matters relating to qualified and nonqualified deferred compensation and welfare benefits.