IRS Revises 2018 Annual HSA Contribution Limit for Family Coverage to $6,850 (down from $6,900)

The IRS has issued Rev. Proc. 2018-18, which revises the previously-published annual limitation on deductions under Code § 223(b)(2)(B) for 2018 for an individual with family coverage under a high deductible health plan. The originally published limitation was $6,900. It has now been reduced to $6,850.

Why the Change?

The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act requires cost of living adjustments be made using the Chained Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (C-CPI-U), which over time will reduce the cost of living adjustments made to various IRS limits.

What to Do

Employers making Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions for employees (either directly, or through their cafeteria plans) should review the elections made by their employees and adjust those elections to avoid exceeding the $6,850 limitation for 2018. Likewise, individuals making HSA contributions should revise any automatic contribution schedule they have established to avoid exceeding the limit.

The following chart summarizes various significant employee benefit Plan limits for 2016 through 2018:

Type of Limitation201820172016
415 Defined Benefit Plans$220,000$215,000$210,000
415 Defined Contribution Plans$55,000$54,000$53,000
Defined Contribution Elective Deferrals$18,500$18,000$18,000
Defined Contribution Catch-Up Deferrals$6,000$6,000$6,000
SIMPLE Employee Deferrals$12,500$12,500$12,500
SIMPLE Catch-Up Deferrals$3,000$3,000$3,000
Annual Compensation Limit$275,000$270,000$265,000
SEP Minimum Compensation$600$600$600
SEP Annual Compensation Limit$275,000$270,000$265,000
Highly Compensated$120,000$120,000$120,000
Key Employee (Officer)$175,000$175,000$170,000
Income Subject To Social Security Tax  (FICA)$128,400$127,200$118,500
Social Security (FICA) Tax For ER & EE (each pays)6.20%6.20%6.20%
Social Security (Med. HI) Tax For ERs & EEs (each pays)1.45%1.45%1.45%
SECA (FICA Portion) for Self-Employed12.40%12.40%12.40%
SECA (Med. HI Portion) For Self-Employed2.9%2.9%2.90%
IRA Contribution$5,500$5,500$5,500
IRA Catch-Ip Contribution$1,000$1,000$1,000
HSA Max. Contributions Single/Family Coverage$3,450/ $6,850$3,400/ $6,750$3,350/ $6,750
HSA Catchup Contributions$1,000$1,000$1,000
HSA Min. Annual Deductible Single/Family$1,350/ $2,700$1,300/ $2,600$1,300/ $2,600
HSA Max. Out Of Pocket Single/Family$6,650/ $13,300$6,550/ $13,100$6,550/ $13,100



Author: Erwin Kratz

Erwin Kratz practices exclusively in the areas of ERISA and employee benefits law, focusing on tax and regulatory matters relating to qualified and nonqualified deferred compensation and welfare benefits.